creative thinking


consumer focused

Even when you are not there, our systems keep operating; Unattended and with the highest consumer focus. 

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engaging & reliable

Making attractive and utmost reliable products that are efficient, engaging and effective, is at the hearth of our design philosophy.

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boundless use-cases

Leading in both cash and cashless solutions, supporting multiple payment providers, and both on- & off-line Closed User Group systems, we cover boundless use-cases.

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payment systems  
that work for you

The core promise of “unattended” encompasses that no human intervention is required apart from the consumer’s.

Antenor universally delivers upon this core promise.

A capability built upon the 6 core features of every Antenor system.


versatile, reliable and secure

Antenor provides both cash and cashless solutions.

We only use the most reliable, self-tested bill and coin recyclers in the market.
Making any cash transaction a reliable and smooth experience.

All our cashless payments live up to the highest and latest security standards. We support all major terminal brands and cover multiple payment providers including near all local payment schemes across the EU.

We offer both off-line & cloud-based Closed User Group systems to cover use-cases like loyalty programs, virtual or member-based wallets that include access control features.

boundless use-cases

For each use-case, creative thinking is our core way of working. Before creating a payment system, we think through the uses-case jointly with our customers.
This creative thinking process ensures combining the customer’s best-business-practice with Antenor’s advanced payment expertise.
The result is an effortless transaction experience for your customer, the consumer.

Bill payment
retail cash handler
Money changer
Wallet & loyalty

Making attractive and utmost reliable products that are efficient, engaging and effective, is at the hearth of our design philosophy.

benefits of Antenor payment systems

For the consumer
    – Convenient & easy-to-use
    – Flexibility to pay with any method
    – Enhances customer experience
    – Faster service
    – Self-sufficiency and autonomy
For the merchant
    – Connect with consumers, anywhere, anytime
    – Create new revenue streams
    – Reduce labor and cash handling costs
    – Increase security, reduce errors
    – Upsell and advertising opportunities

6 core features of an Antenor system

segment and use-case specific business logic

Antenor’s Core Terminal Services (ACTS) software easily integrates with your chosen best-of-bread business application, point-of-sales or web site through our REST API’s. If you have an existing web shop, with ACTS you can run it on our kiosks in no time.

business intelligence & remote mgt. enabled

Connecting our vending machine with your business intelligence tools gives you the necessary insights in which products sell well or which kiosks are located in the wrong spot. And our remote management tools enable you to consult stock, machine status and many other operational data.

open to embed new technology

Whether it is automated number plate recognition for the parking or carwash industry, or virtual tokenization with smartphone and smart bracelet support for the entertainment industry, our ACTS software is ready to embrace all newest technologies.

distribution optimized

All Antenor machines can be set-up, updated or diagnosed remotely by our own experts. That is why we can rely on local technicians as our technical partners for all local interventions, whether it is for the initial set up or a feature update a few years down the road.

various connectivity capabilities

As a major part of your business now takes place on an unattended payment system, ACTS provides all necessary connectivity to integrate every detail of each transaction with your bookkeeping, logistics and/or ERP system.

multiple payment acquires & processors

ACTS supports payment terminals from multiple vendors. Whether you desire Worldline, Payter, Nayax, or any other hardware, we connect you with the acquirer and processor of your choice. This way you can choose the best provider with most attractive tariffs for your business.


Below an excerpt of our references. They reflect distinct use-cases in different market segments. If you don’t see your use-case in unattended payment systems, please reach out and we’ll show what we can do in more detail.


Within the car wash segment, we distinguish between wash boxes, roll-overs and wash tunnels (car wash).


Unattended payment automation has long been common practice in car parks.

retail cash-handling

Antenor’s Shopmaster is iconic in world of cash-handling in retail. Specifically in fresh food stores.

closed cash management

A closed cash management system is an automated one which also keeps the cash secured throughout its entire lifecycle.

hospitality self check-in/out

Self service check-in and/or check-out gives the consumer the desired autonomy and efficiency without waiting queues.

public transport ticketing

Ticketing applications are vast, and can result in a simple paper ticket or generate a virtual ticket accessible through an APP, a card or a wearable bracelet.

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With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.


In the past wash-boxes often worked with euro coins. To limit vandalism and theft, it is recommended to use an advanced and more secure money-extraction system. Or, to pay for a wash with personalized tokens or a washing pass.

Antenor helps you with safe and reliable vending machines where the customer buys wash tokens with cash or bank card. When you work with a rechargeable pass, the machine uploads credits to the washing passes which can optionally figure as loyalty pass.

In a wash tunnel, capacity and quality are important. In order to maximise capacity, without increasing personnel costs, Antenor offers automated payment machines where the customer chooses his own programme, right from the seat in his car and immediately settles the amount due with cash, bank card or loyalty card. After payment, he receives a receipt and drives into the car wash.

Self-service is very common with roll-overs. The customer indicates at the payment kiosk which program he desires and after payment the car is neatly cleaned. If necessary, the same machine can also charge washing passes or sell tokens for vacuum cleaners and other services.

Thanks to an excellent relationship with the best car wash partners, Antenor has an extensive range of payment kiosks and a vast experience in do’s and don’ts that we are happy to share with you. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation for your project


Unattended payment automation has long been common practice in car parks. For both street parking and parking lots, the consumer usually pays the parking fee due at the unattended payment terminal. Our payment kiosks accept cash and/or cashless payments (debit cards such as Bancontact, Carte Bleu, Maestro, Vpay, Paypass or credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express, …). And optional payment mechanisms are available for subscribers or returning customers through loyalty cards, automated invoicing and third party payment APPs like Google Pay, Apple Pay or Payconiq for example.
Depending on your car park’s needs, to calculate the parking fee, we work with different mechanisms of tokenization. Always focusing on the most fluent entry and exit flows, the token generated at the entry, can be paid for with cash, credit or debit card at the payment kiosk.

Such a token can be physical (e.g.: a voucher with barcode) or virtual. Virtual tokens can, for example, be generated automatically at the parking entrance through ANPR (automated number plate recognition), or by having the driver present a NFC enabled debit/credit card or simply an NFC enabled smartphone.
Parking fees are usually calculated according to the time the parking space is used. That is the period between entering and leaving the parking which is determined through the tokenization process. However, many variations are possible including fixed period tariffication (half- or full day, multi-day, etc.), variable tariffication following price and/or time tables, multiple entry/exit allowances, loyalty discounts, black-lists and/or white-lists (number plates that enjoy free entrance), etc.

Together with our partners in parking, Antenor helps you with an optimal payment automation. No entrance or exit queues and an optimal payment experience for your customer. Contact us for a no-obligation meeting so we can research your project jointly.

automated cash handling

Antenor’s Shopmaster is iconic in world of automated cash handling in retail. Specifically in fresh food stores, but also in pharmacies, veterinary clinics, food markets, flower shops and all retail point-of-sales that need to meet high standards in hygiene and efficiency.

Although most shops now promote the use of bank cards, there is still a lot of cash transactions going on. In fact, despite assertions that the use of cash is on the decline and that a cashless society is just around the corner, cash has never been more popular. Global figures even suggest that cash usage is on the increase.

And even for those businesses where cash transactions only amount to 10% of their turnover, these transactions still represent a value not to neglect. Cash management is expensive and cash transactions are detrimental to efficiency. They create a security exposure and may lead to potential cash shortages.
In fresh food stores, there is an additional problem: hygiene standards (HACCP) are becoming increasingly stringent.

However, this can easily be solved with the Antenor Shopmaster who automates cash receiving and automatically returns the appropriate change. No contact between the potentially ‘contaminated’ money and the fresh food you treasure so carefully.
The advantages at a glance:

  • Customers appreciate the Shopmaster for its smooth operation and hygiene
  • The staff is no longer concerned with returning change (read: no shrinkage, the checkout is always correct!)
  • Cash receipts are immediately stored in a safe deposit box
  • Counterfeit coins and notes are automatically rejected
  • integrates with your POS, so no cash reconciliations required

Of course, the Shopmaster is not only useful for bakeries, butcher stores or fresh food stores. We have references with pharmacies, veterinary clinics, taxi companies, petrol stations, restaurants and fast-food chains up to clothing stores and even town halls and community centers. And, we integrate we nearly all point-of-sale and cash-register vendors.

closed cash management

Antenor’s Shopmaster is core to our closed cash management solution.
A closed cash management solution not only automates the cash handling at the point-of-sale (the front office) but further secures the cash, locked away, throughout its entire lifecycle in a store: from the point of payment until it is collected in the back-office.

It typically combines the following components:

  • a payment station (the Shopmaster) at the checkouts or tills for notes and coins which recycles cash as change and stores larger denominations in separate cassettes.
  • a sealed cassette which can be removed from the payment station once filled with cash and taken to the back office.
  • a back-office deposit into which the cassette is inserted to safeguard the cash and from where cash in transit (CIT) services can collect.

It also includes software to monitor the cash levels, both in the payment stations as well as in the back-office deposit. Automated messages, by email, sms or otherwise inform the responsible persons, whether owners, local managers or CIT service providers about the value stored in each machine, including detail amounts per note denomination and/or coin value.

self check-out

Self-checkouts include various systems where the checkout process is either entirely or partially handled by the customer.

In hotels, entertainment or hospitality sector the process is even extended starting with a fully automated check-in including the unattended issuing of room access cards, tickets or likewise.
They are an efficient and less expensive alternative to traditional cashier-staffed check-ins or checkouts. They give the consumer the desired autonomy at the highest efficiency and without waiting queues.
Staff can now focus on service and improving the customer experience instead of administration, registration and the handling of payment transactions. All low value adding transactions which can be automated easily.

Antenor’s SCO-kiosk includes a simple user interface to guide the consumer through the whole process. This might involve additional steps such as adding optional services on the fly, like room upgrades or additional services like restaurant, beauty or wellness reservations for example. Customers can also redeem coupons, gift coupons and adjust or complement existing reservations. Even ordering transportation (taxi, uber, …) can be done automatically.

Our terminals offer both cash and cashless payment methods. The payment process is verified via a simple authentication process through reservation credentials or credit card references. For consumers preferring cash payments, integrated bill and coin recycling options not only make the payment process easier for customers, they are also an efficient cash handling component for retailers thanks to the integrated cash management system.

Antenor’s modular approach permits to integrate the self check-in / check-out services with integrated parking management and payment. Offering free parking or discount vouchers for hotel guests. At check-in our terminals can automatically issue room access cards, or at a later time issue additional ones or re-issue replacement ones, all with the highest security leading to the best customer experience one can offer.

ticketing for public transportation and other industries

Ticketing has ample applications in a vast set of different industries.

The automated ticketing terminals of Antenor allow movie theatres, event organizers, public transportation providers and many more to service customers in an autonomous and efficient way.

The advantages of public transport ticketting include:

  • requires only limited real estate, allowing multiple consumers to be served simultaniously on a smaller footprint
  • allows consumers to be self-sufficient and reduces waiting lines
  • permits cash as well as cashless payments, allowing foreign consumers to use their preferred payment method on hand
  • safe operation & convenient handling

In line with the modernization of public transport stations and the improvement of transportation services, Antenor offers automated ticket machines of the latest generation. Depending on the application and the requirement of the customer, different types of machines for installation at metro, train or busstations have been developed. The self-service ticket vending machines are configured with cash and electronic payment systems accepting cash, credit cards or debit cards. The system can be operated comfortably by a touch-screen. Tickets can be issuing on paper or as a token connected to the consumer’s virtual account, accessible via an APP or a smart card. Via an intelligent interface passengers can not only select their trajectory destination and their preferred payment method but are also able to recharge smart cards of the respective public transportation operator. All our ticket terminals can be equipped with the latest technology such as RFID, NFC, Mifare smart-cards and/or 2D and 3D barcodes.