Company profile


Antenor Payment Systems, specialized in payment automation since 1988.

  • Design, development and production of payment kiosks
  • Implementation of private or public payment solutions in order to facilitate cashless micro-payments for products and/or services(vending machines, restaurant, copy/print,…)
  • Short term rental for token/voucher distributors during events or festivals



Together with technology partners, we make money changers, token and card distributors, charging stations and payment kiosks. In vertical markets we work in close collaboration with partners to deploy the optimal payment solutions for our customers.



Antenor implements cashless payment systems that allow the end user to perform micro-payments in closed communities such as schools, parks, clubs and libraries. Our technicians install a fully operational system and offer extensive after sales support.


You organize a festival or an event and would like a cashless solution for your catering activities? Contact us for additional information on our rental kiosks.