Payment kiosk

Payment kiosk G series


A versatile payment kiosk based on an intuitive graphical user interface with pictograms or pictures, for multiple applications in self-service.

Extensive pay (coins, notes, bankcard) and distribution possibilities (tokens, cards, tickets).

Operating mechanism for external machines or charging private payment systems.

Versatile software with extended reporting options through a user-friendly web interface.

Suitable for carwash, public laundry rooms, schools, catering & vending.




Self-service cash transactions.


A solid and secure safe that automates cash transactions. The payable amount is transmitted from the register directly via barcode or keyboard. The user inserts notes and/or coins in the Shopmaster and receives his change automatically. Thanks to our Shopmaster the staff does not have to worry about returning the correct change and focuses 100% on the customer. Counterfeit coins and notes will not be accepted and revenues are stored safely.


The Shopmaster has been installed successfully in more than 100 bakeries, butcheries and many other shops and administrations where cash transactions are numerous.

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