System integration


Antenor: integrator of payment systems


Antenor offers complete solutions for payment automation. A project manager supervises the project from specification to installation. If necessary we can coordinate with third parties that also connect to the payment system.


For such projects Antenor collaborates with technology partners that are market leaders and distinguished by quality in their field:

  • Cartadis is European market leader in managing and paying for copies and prints. Their payment terminals can be connected to most copies, printers and multi-functionals available. (TC11N and TC4N work with magstripe cards and are the market leader in this segment, TCP2 is mostly used with mifare cards and for online payment terminals the copicode IP and C-pad are the reference product. Additionally there are specific payment terminals available for catering and vending applications (TDA2 with magstripe cards, TDA3 for mifare cards).
  • Atos Worldline, the former Banksys, is the Benelux market leader in bankcard payment terminals for both manned (Xenta, Xentisssimo, Yomani, Yoximo,…) and unmanned applications (Xenteo, Xenoa, Xentim, Yoneo,…) Worldline is particularily strong in processing transactions of local and international brands.
  • Ingenico is a world market leader in payment terminals. Their specific terminals for vendingmachines (UCM CAD30) have been installed in multiple projects as part of a private online payment solution.
  • JES can offer a complete ERP-system for the operation of corporate restaurants including the support of vending machines. They have a state of the art online payment solution for catering and vending.
  • Crane is world market leader in cash payment components such as coin acceptors, currency changers, note readers and note recyclers.

Are you looking for a specialist in payment automation? Let us analyze which payment solution is appropriate for your project.


Antenor: a reliable partner for system integration


For certain environments payment automation is a small but very important part of a total ERP system. Therefore it is important that the software partner or ERP system integrator remains in the driver-seat. In those cases Antenor is the complementary partner to supply the kiosks with the necessary payment components and services.


For these specific opportunities we will also develop a payment kiosk that runs on the software developed by a system partner (connected to their back office) and supply a clear and easy interface to control the different payment components (cash or cashless).

  • For developments in a Windows environment we offer a certified DLL.
  • For other environments we offer a payment controller that is managed through a serial protocol (VABP).


The combination of a specialized system partner and the Antenor system payment kiosks results in following advantages:

  • The system integrator offers a total solution
  • Simple and thoughtful integration
  • Smooth certification process (follow-up by Antenor)
  • Installation and maintenance by the Antenor Service Team


Are you as a system integrator looking for a reliable and flexible partner to supply payment kiosks (cash and/or cashless)? Let’s find out how we can maximize our synergy!