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Self check-in kiosk

With our self check-in kiosk, hotel guests can easily fetch their reservation details, register their stay, pay the remaining reservation balance or lodging taxes, all without intervention of hotel staff

The concept is simple; Your guest checks in at the kiosk, pays any outstanding amounts (cfr. tourist tax) and then gets his key card which allows him/her to access the room.

The advantage for you? The entire process is completely unmanned, so hotel staff can be used in a different way.

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With the entire check-in process completed by the guest, hotel staff can focus on providing the best customer experience.

The benefit for your business?

Automate registration slips

In each room you need to register at least one guest. Self-registration relieves the front desk staff, works more smoothly for the hotel guest, and you obtain your guest’s personal information such as email and mobile number.

Simplified payment

Registration is even easier if it is based on an existing reservation. If there is still an outstanding balance or lodging fee, the customer can easily pay these by using the on-board cashless payment terminal.

Room key distribution

Once registered, the kiosk can easily issue a card key or digital key (mobile key). For locks with a number keypad, we print the corresponding code. Everything works integrated with your PMS.

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