Contactless cash payments

Contactless cash payments

Automated payment systems are on the rise. In current corona times, these systems are an ideal way to ensure a hygienic relationship with the customer. In addition, these payment systems increase the transaction speed.

With the Covid-19 pandemic there is a demand for more hygiene. And notes and coins are seen as a source of infection. That is why bank card payments, payments by smartphone or payments via all kinds of APPs are on the rise.

However, research shows that a large percentage of consumers (30% to 58% depending on the sector and age group) still prefer to pay in cash. There are all kinds of reasons for this. And cash remains a legal means of payment which merchants are not allowed to refuse (by law) or desire not to refuse for good business reasons. For example, which retailer wants to refuse 10% of its customers because cash is no longer accepted in his shop?

The solution is Antenor’s ShopMaster. Contactless payment with cash. The Shopmaster accepts both notes and coins and returns due change. They integrate with almost any cash register system in a straightforward way, just like a bank card payment terminal. The Shopmaster’s most important advantages remains efficiency and safety. No more cash counting at closing time, no more shrinkage due to fraud or false returns, and it’s hygienic. Simply because staff no longer touches the cash. Each Shopmaster is in itself a highly secure unit, with separate compartments, locked and secured, one for coins and one for notes.

Also Antenor’s payment kiosks accept both cash and cashless transactions. This combination warrants hygiene, automates all payment transactions while at the same time increasing security. All cash is deposited in locked and high-security cash boxes, optionally protected with ink technology.  The same technology used for cash transports or in banking ATMs. These Antenor machines combine cash and cashless  payments with flexibility, hygiene and safety in one solution.

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