Contactless payment soon mandatory at all payment terminals

Contactless payment soon mandatory at all payment terminals

Due to their increased ease-of-use, contactless payments are on the rise. Non-contact payment makes use of NFC technology (Near Field Communication), which you can recognize by this symbol. In addition, the new non-contact chip offers a higher degree of security.

This technology is now included in almost all smartphones.  So now you can easily pay at a NFC payment terminal with your banking app as well as with Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. Almost all banks are in the process of deploying this NFC technology to their bank cards.

On the one hand, EMV (“Europay, Mastercard and VISA”) has set deadlines for the implementation of this new technology. EMV imposes that all existing ATMs with bank card payment must receive an upgrade for contactless payment before the end of 2019.

On the other hand, European legislation (PSD2) imposes to allow low-value payments without PIN only via contactless and no longer with the chip. The new legislation applies from 14 September and has an impact on devices such as the Xentim, which are only equipped with a chip reader. This can be done by replacing the device with a Yoneo (only contactless) or with a Valina (contactless and chip).

Antenor will be pleased to advise you on the various options available to you to have your device conform in time.Please note: if you do not switch over in time, your device will be disconnected from the network.